As the hoof grows

A collage of Stampede’s right front hoof as the hole from his monster abscess that popped in February grows out.



I’ll be so glad when this thing is all grown out and the pony has a normal looking hoof again. At least it doesn’t bug him.


Had a great start to my ride on P this evening as he was soft, bending nicely, and being generally easy to ride. Sadly, he decided to be annoying after the other horses in the field went in and go fast when headed towards home so we had to do some more extended schooling. Kind of a bummer to finish a ride that way, but we did do some nice turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, and walked back and forth over some cavalletti poles in the ring to cool out.


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  1. emma

    glad the hoof is growing out well – looks like it’ll be all back to normal soon!


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