Saturday lesson, Sunday ride

Saturday Stampy and I had our last lesson before the horse show at the barn next weekend, which is the last show of the season. Since we didn’t get qualified for the medal finals in the one show we did this season, we will be doing our equitation over fences and some hunters.

For the lesson my trainer set up a fun exercise in what we call the west ring. Usually lessons are in the pony ring, but the west ring is our equitation and jumper ring for the shows so it’s nice to jump in there before the show. I will attempt to show a diagram this time!

Crazy course!

Crazy course! X right to the green rolltop, right to the bounce, left to the one stride, right through the other bounce section, left to the one stride the other way, then to the skinny. the middle part of one stride and bounce was really a closed box of jumps.

Sunday I rode P in the trial saddle again. I really do like it, although the huge flap is a bit marginal on me. Going to keep riding in it a few more times to decide for sure. I rode with a bunch of other ladies today, and we had a good time cantering over poles in the ring then cooling out in the field. Afterwards P got hosed off and went out to graze with his special lady friend, Willow.

Mr. P grazing with his girlfriend Willow

Mr. P grazing with his girlfriend Willow

After that I just groomed Stampy and finished pulling his mane before taking him out for some grass. I had clipped both boys up yesterday already.


Stampy staring out at the fields


Hungry boy


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