Ouchy legs, crazy weather, and cute pups

We’ve has some crazy weather around here lately. One day it’s 60 and the next day the single digits. Hard on all the horses and people.

After my horrible ride last Saturday with Stampede I arrived at the barn Sunday to some angry hind legs. He had formed some new crusts and had some swelling. Today was the first time I’ve ridden him soon, and he still wasn’t moving correctly so they must be more sore than they look. I’ve been good about wrapping the legs every day since last sunday, so we are getting there. So Stampy only did walk/trot work today to move around and now I’ll give him a few more days off to let his legs heal more.

Not much to say about Mr. P, he’s been great all week. He’s been nice and forward and his usual happy self. Love that boy.

I noticed that Stampede has really gained a lot of weight in the last 6 months since I added a late night grain snack. Here are some pictures.





And yes that is Stampede’s version of a winter coat. 🙂

We are having a super bowl party at our house tonight so I must continue prepping for that and I still have to feed and water tonight at the barn. Christie is helping me so my husband can stay home with the tv and his friends.

I leave you with the dogs and their new toy. A huge snake with twelve squeakers in it.


Pups with their new snake toy

Pups with their new snake toy



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  1. Hillary

    Glad that P has been his usual good self. Hope that Stampy feels better soon. He looks great – you can definitely see the change!


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