Random Catchup

My week of riding has been so-so. Monday I had a jumping school with Stampy. My forgetting to use leg came back to haunt me on my hunter course so I kept missing the spot on the in of my lines. I got it together more for my equitation course, but it was still a bit blah. What was amazing was how Stampede didn’t get angry about it. He used to get mad and just grab the bit and take off to the next fence if I messed up, but he maintained his pace and just kept waiting for me to tell him what was next. Tuesday I rode Phoenix and he just wasn’t feeling the heat. I’ve been trying to work him more off his hind end, but when he’s feeling lazy it’s difficult. I rode Stampede Wednesday and Thursday night. He put in some great trot work, but he didn’t want to give me any power at the canter. He is not a fan of lots of leg (so sensitive!), so he was getting really mad at me for pushing him. I think I need to ride him with a dressage whip a few times again so I can get his attention. Usually just a few swooshes in the air is all it takes to get his attention with that. Too bad my usual whip fell apart! My friend’s mom rode Phoenix last night (Thursday) and I could tell he was happy with the cooler weather. I always used to hear that old horses have a hard time in the winter, but to me Phoenix is the opposite. When it cools off his stride lengthens and he gets that happy sparkle in his eye. Usually those are the times when I feel him running away with me a bit and I always have to smile because it feels so good. That’s when I remember all those times we ran around in the fields as youngsters together. Some of the happiest times of my life, on the back of that amazing horse. 🙂

The vet had me pull Stampede off of all his supplements after the blood work since he had some high levels – potassium, selenium and vitamin e are the ones that I can think of currently. I was worried about taking him off of his electrolytes because he seems to have a hard time pooping when not on them. He had an injury right above his tail a few years ago that makes it so he can’t lift his tail straight up like a normal horse which I think plays into it. The vet told me at the time it was either a bone or nerve issue and there was no point in finding out what it was since it can’t be fixed. Anyways, the vet had me put him on sea salt instead of the electrolytes and it has been working out okay so far. I about went into shock when he just ate the salt, the horse won’t even touch a salt block. Meanwhile his brother loves them.

I got a new coat bag finally – I was still using a free plastic coat bag I got from State Line Tack as a kid, lol.

New coat bag!

Here is Stampede looking handsome and staring into the distance instead of eating grass. His brother is a pig and would never waste time lifting his head!

Handsome Stampy

So what’s the best way to post a video on here? Looks like it’s a paid upgrade? I have a cute one of the boys rolling.



  1. Hillary H.

    I have wordpress as well and I just load my videos to YouTube and then put the link directly in my post- don’t make it a link. And when I save or publish my post the video is in there. I googled it… No paid upgrades for me.

    Hopefully that works. Sometimes I have to put the link in a few times but it normally works.

  2. Karley

    you can post a youtube link…

  3. stampyandthebrain

    Thanks, video posted now. 🙂


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